2016 President's Message

 2016 - Spring Update 

Making chapter membership indispensable to your career.

It’s a big goal.  But it’s what we’re working towards. The chapter has had great success having grown to over 2200 members in a little over 15 years. But we can be so much more.

To make chapter membership indispensable to your career we must create a community of professionals and of professionalism. To make this happen, we need a higher level of engagement. We need to have more people, participate in more activities, more of the time. That takes more participation, more volunteers, and more partnerships.

Here’s what we’re doing to make this happen:

  • We are developing and setting ambitious program goals which we will post on our website.
  • We are recruiting more and dedicated volunteers who are all about giving back and sharing.
  • We are projectized how we run the chapter. We are an organization of portfolio managers, program managers, project managers, and team members. Our organization charts and our conversations will reflect that. So will our practices.
  • We are not about delivering Professional Development Units PDUs). We are about delivering Professional Development Opportunities (PDOs). Those opportunities can be based on networking, on presentations, on workshops, on mentoring, on peer sharing, on developing new ideas, on professional-grade in-depth training and much, much more. Of course, we'll still provide PDUs.

There are two key elements needed above all else for us, as a community, to achieve excellence:

  1. We need more members who participate in professional development through the chapter in addition to other sources.
  2. We need volunteers who view giving and sharing as the ultimate professional development opportunity.

I’ll do my best to make chapter membership indispensable to your career. I know that our directors and current volunteers will do the same.

But without your help and your support, this goal cannot be achieved. We need your help. So get involved. Contact me personally to find out how you can participate and volunteer.

I can always be reached at:  President@pmiloc.org. or at 905-270-4036.

Together we can make chapter membership indispensable to each other’s career.

Angelo Baratta

President (2016 - 2017)