2013 President's Message

President's Message

2013 - Spring Update 


Dear Members of the Lakeshore Chapter,

It is a great honor for me to stand here today to speak to you as the President of the Lakeshore Chapter. Today I want to talk about THREE components of our Chapter. .

The First Component is our VOLUNTEERS:

I still remember my first volunteer position at this Chapter as Education-Marketing AVP. I also remember the first time when I addressed this audience in 2010. I was running for the Board elections then, and I was elected as the Treasurer of the Lakeshore Chapter. The following Board cycle I was elected as the Senior VP, and now as the President.

As a Professor of Project Management, I communicate directly to students the role of PMI and The Lakeshore Chapter in advancing the Project Management Profession. Our chapter planning efforts also focus on education outreach. I am glad to see today that tens of students are members of this chapter and that some of them are volunteers and many more are interested in becoming volunteers.

Throughout my journey at the Lakeshore Chapter, I was honored to work with a team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are really the back bone of our Chapter and our members are the most important asset that we have. Everything that we do is driven by our passion to give back to the community. As the interest in volunteerism at our Chapter increases, we are glad to know that we are using a new VRMS system to register new volunteers and their interests and to manage new and existing volunteer opportunities.

The Second Component is BEST PRACTICES:

When one hears the word PMI, the first thing that comes to mind is best practices in project management. The challenge here is continuous improvement which is a never ending effort. As the leading global organization in Project Management, PMI sets the standards for others to follow. The fact that certification programs and especially PMP certification is continuous at PMI, requires us to continuously satisfy the professional development requirements set by PMI. To this extent, we are widening the scope of our services at the Lakeshore Chapter, through new certification programs, Agile Certification is coming up soon for example and there will also be new events that may be held at different locations and durations such as breakfast or lunch time meetings.

Given the dynamic nature of the business environment, organizations need to constantly adapt and restructure in order to survive and grow. As PMPs we also need to be aware of the new characteristics, trends and changes in the global and macro environment. For example during this digital economy era we recognize the effects of: Big Data and Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing, IT Security and Risk Management. In addition we need to be aware of the following: Where will the next billion consumers come from? The role of India and China? The role of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in rebuilding the critical infrastructure in developed economies. The greater demand on human capital. Increasing healthcare costs. The effect of the increase in demand on commodities on consumer prices. Soft innovations and the next big thing: will it be nano-technology, robots, 3D printers, or else?

At the Lakeshore Chapter we do our best to provide our members with disclosures of concurrent notions and discussions of latest topics of interest in project management through our events. Your suggestions and feedback are highly important to us so please feel free to communicate to us your thoughts in order to continuously improve our operations. We like to see ourselves as driven by the voice of our members. So let us hear your voice.

The Lakeshore Chapter welcomes volunteers and any new ideas from our members and volunteers.

The Third Component is VALUES:

Here I want to describe the correlation between a curved line and motivation. This curved line is the smile on our faces. What is interesting here is the effect of this curved line on setting everything else straight in our lives. It is all about being GOOD to others. It is all about being GOOD and doing GOOD. An honest smile definitely goes a long way. This raises many questions to address: How do we make others feel? How do we want others to remember us as? So please remember to smile, because an honest smile not only makes you feel better but also makes others feel better.

When I look at the audience of this dinner event, in this room, I notice the diversity that we have which is a great strength factor. Our diversity is a great driving force towards creativity and innovation. At the Lakeshore Chapter we WILL BE celebrating our diversity in the months ahead.

And now I would like to welcome and to congratulate our newly elected Board member Shahid Muhammed and our returning Board members. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating:

  • Past President/Chair – Kelly Ann Pauly

  • President – Wael Ramadan

  • Senior Vice President – Richard Steer

  • Secretary – Pamela King

  • Treasurer – Mihaela Duceag

  • Director Marketing – Alison Copoc

  • Director Professional Development – " Shahid Muhammed

  • Director Events – Lauryn McLelland

  • Director Membership – Fatima Gadoury

  • Director Communications – Joseph Zielinski

Driven by the voice of our members, with this team of Directors and by focusing on the three components mentioned earlier, I look forward to working with all of you to make our chapter shine brighter on the global radar of project management.

Thank all for being here this evening and MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU.

Wael Ramadan, PMP
President, PMI Lakeshore Chapter
President 2013-14