2012 President's Message

President's Message

2012 - Spring Update

Members of the Lakeshore Chapter, Community, Educational and Corporate Partners,

I am extremely honoured as I assume the role of President of the Lakeshore Chapter of the Project Management Institute. We are moving rapidly to becoming a Chapter of Excellence and I look forward to working with our Board members and other volunteers as we continue to climb to new heights.

First I would like to send a big thank you to our outgoing Board members, George Cescon and Sonja Slijepcevic, for their tireless dedication and their significant contributions over the past several years.

Next I would like to congratulate and extend a warm welcome to our newly elected Board members, Mihaela Duceag and Lauryn McLelland. I would also like to warmly welcome back the returning Board members; Rishi Kumar, Wael Ramadan, Pamela King, Alison Copoc, Richard Steer, Fatima Gadoury and Joseph Zielinski. Our Chapter can look forward to a great year ahead with the continued support and dedication of our Board of Directors:

  • Past President/Chair – Rishi Kumar
  • President – Kelly Ann Pauly
  • Senior Vice President – Wael Ramadan
  • Secretary – Pamela King
  • Treasurer – Mihaela Duceag
  • Director Marketing – Alison Copoc
  • Director Professional Development – Richard Steer
  • Director Events – Lauryn McLelland
  • Director Membership – Fatima Gadoury
  • Director Communications – Joseph Zielinski

And finally, I continue to be amazed by the Functional Area Committee VPs, Assistant VPs and volunteer team members. They have proven, time and again, how motivated and passionate volunteers can accomplish so much in our rapidly growing, non-profit organization. Their contributions are greatly appreciated, whether it is behind the scenes or upfront at our many events!

In recent years, we have differentiated ourselves and developed our chapter’s culture of social good through community outreach. This resulted in global recognition as “The Best of the Best” with the PMI Community Advancement through Project Management award.

Moving forward, my vision is to grow our younger generation of Lakeshore members through the establishment of strategic partnerships with post secondary institutes. Over the coming months our Board of Directors will work together to develop the strategic plan based on this vision. This process will result in specific objectives, goals and projects. Once these projects are initiated we will call upon you, our members and partners, to participate in the implementation of this exciting new strategy. I will provide updates through various communication channels as we progress through this process.

Thank you everyone for your continued support as we take our Chapter to new heights!


Kelly Ann Pauly, PMP
President, PMI Lakeshore Chapter
President 2012-13

View Kelly Ann's presentation at the inaugural dinner meeting